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Adjectives (5)
storied, storeyed
adj. having stories as indicated; "a six-storied building"
celebrated, historied, storied
adj. having an illustrious past
Fuzzynyms (18)
celebrated, famed, far-famed, famous, illustrious, notable, noted, renowned
adj. widely known and esteemed; "a famous actor"; "a celebrated musician"; "a famed scientist"; "an illustrious judge"; "a notable historian"; "a renowned painter"
adj. (used of persons) standing above others in character or attainment or reputation; "our distinguished professor"
eminent, high
adj. standing above others in quality or position; "people in high places"; "the high priest"; "eminent members of the community"
adj. (of angles) pointing outward at an angle of less than 180 degrees
ill-famed, infamous, notorious
adj. known widely and usually unfavorably; "a notorious gangster"; "the tenderloin district was notorious for vice"; "the infamous Benedict Arnold";
august, revered, venerable
adj. profoundly honored; "revered holy men"
Synonyms (7)
multistory, multistorey, multistoried
adj. having more than one story
adj. great in vertical dimension; high in stature; "tall people"; "tall buildings"; "tall trees"; "tall ships"
adj. full of light; shining intensely; "a brilliant star"; "brilliant chandeliers"
adj. lifted up or set high; "their hearts were jocund and sublime"- Milton
adj. having or conferring glory; "an illustrious achievement"
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